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It's not IF you will get "hacked", It's WHEN you will get "hacked", so let us "hack" you first. -- The Green Knight

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Have you been Hacked? Or you Know someone who has been hacked?

Get help from the experts!

We can help recover from being hacked no matter the issue, whether it’s ransomware, malware, lost control of an account or some other attack from a cyber criminal we can help.

We are not the bad guy hackers out to hurt businesses. We want to help businesses recover and become stronger.

We use the same tactics criminals use to commit their crimes to protect businesses. All of our clients know that when they higher us they are hiring a team member who is passionate about helping them.

We take a 3 phase approach to cyber security

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Our Mission:

“We protect your business like it’s our business.”

A Team of Hackers

The term “hacker” was not originally associated with the Criminals. Hackers were and are just people who just want to innovate in an extreme way. That’s why we are hackers we believe in constant innovation with our services. We are a small team that moves fast and innovates in providing topnotch security.

Not all Hackers are Created Equal We Have Core Values

  • Do No Harm
  • Do Not Allow Others to be Harmed
  • Innovation is Life
  • Constant Learning

There are 3 Different Types of Hackers:

Hackers have been lumped into 3 categories White hat, Grey hat, and Black hat. Our company fall under the Grey hat categories. Want to learn more? Click Here.

Learn About Our Founder

My name is Josh and I am your friendly neighborhood hacker, helping protect businesses from cyber-criminals. I started Green Knight Digital because I was watching businesses and individuals fall victim to cyber-criminals. I thought to myself why doesn’t everyone just use the same strategies that the criminals are using? The strategies criminals use are legal and ethical when there not being used to commit crimes. I seek to help businesses protect themselves by using the same tactics.

Josh in the Media

Our Services

  • On Call Advisor
  • Cyber Security Planning
  • Threat Analysis and Modeling
  • Have A Website Security Expert Managing Your Website
  • Fix The Weakness In You Website
  • Know What Potential Threats Your Company Faces
  • Learn Where Your have Weaknesses In You Current Cyber Security

We Create Policies and Planning Specificity For Your Business

What our Clients Say

Green Knight Digital is an extremely helpful cyber security professional. I had them take a look at my system and they made recommendations in order to help improve the safety. I have used the recommendations to resolve and improve my network security. I feel more at ease after their assistance and highly recommend them to anybody looking to improve their cyber security.
Dr. Cantu
Google Review
Josh is an absolute blessing to work with. He really looks out for the best interest of your business as if the company was his own. I’ve never seen this before, and I am so grateful for the protection that he brings my corporation through his service. Before Josh, my website would get hacked Continuously, which would create insecurities in my clients as far as hiring my services. Thank you, Josh, for all that you do. I am beyond grateful.
Facebook Review
“I invited Green Knight Digital to hack my websites. I’m happy to say I fared well but the experience was very enlightening. Their expertise in their craft taught me things I had never considered, especially concerning my personal information. It was fun, educational for both of us and a valuable service to my clients. Call Green Knight Digital for testing and actionable items to secure your website, email, personal information, network or cloud services. Highly recommended”
Dale W.
Mad Scientist Web Designs

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